Modern Sherbet – WordPress Theme

Current Version (1.2)

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  • NEW
    • Style: Aside Format
    • Style: Chat Format
    • Style: Status Format
    • Full Gutenberg (new WordPress editor) Support
  • Improvements:
    • Responsive Design:
      • Mobile: Button Spacing
      • Mobile: Gallery Spacing
      • Mobile: Video Format
      • Mobile: Author Page
    • Apple Pay
  • New/Updated Files:
    • PENDING …

Current Version 1.2: August 03rd, 2018

I’m excited to announce that I have made some “small” but big changes in the styling of the theme! I have made a number of elements smaller, more responsive, and easier to see across all devices. I have also made videos more responsive across the theme with a new “Content Embed Shortcode”. There are now new format styles for single image, gallery, audio, and video formats; and for posts with no thumbnail. I have also included “current page/tab” indicators in the theme, so you can now tell what page your on. I have added a new style for tables.

Along with style and the “Content Embed Shortcode” I have also added a new “Video Title Shortcode” which will print video title credit which you enter manually. I further updated the “Columns Shortcode” and fixed the ID issue with singular ID codes.

Please make sure to read the documentation as there has been some major updates to the stylesheet in which is reflected within the documentation.


  • Shortcode: Video Title
  • Shortcode: Content Embed
  • Style: Gallery Format
  • Style: (Single) Image Format


  • Shortcode: Column IDs
  • Smaller CSS Design
  • Style: Audio Format
  • Style: Video Format
  • Style: No Thumbnail Posts
  • Table Design
  • Better responsiveness for videos
    • In post
    • Tabs
    • Toggle
  • Now you know what page you are on
  • Now you know what tab you are on with the “Tabs” section
  • Image Alignment
  • More mobile responsive
  • Cleaner Code

New/Updated Files:

  • functions.php
  • inc/templates/modernsherbet-settings.php
  • NEW: single-gallery.php
  • NEW: single-image.php
  • style.css
  • Updated File:

Version 1.1.2: July 26th, 2018

Introducing Theme and Plugin updates via. plugin-update-checker by YahnisElsts. With this you will now be able to update the modernSherbet theme, child theme, and shortcode plugin all from the comfort of your WordPress Dashboard. I have also updated the GNU license to version 3 or later. On the short(code) end of things I have introduced a new columns shortcode. I have mode more improvements within the code and styling; fixing the bug in-which displayed the DLP Gradient in the WordPress editor when creating new posts or pages. I also made the theme more responsive and consistent within browsers.

Please make sure to read the documentation as there has been some major updates to the stylesheet in which is reflected within the documentation.


  • Updates Enabled
    • modernSherbert
    • modernSherbert Shortcode
    • modernSherbert Child
  • Shortcode: Columns (2, 3, 4, 5, 1/3, 3/1, 1/2/1)
  • Updated: GNU General Public License to Version 3


  • Pagination Design
  • Browser consistent: Search and Dropdown!
  • Code on the video and audio format pages are more cleaner and aligned with the rest of the theme
  • More responsive design
  • Cleaner Code
  • Fixed WP Dashboard Bug!

Updated Files:

  • functions.php
  • inc/cleanup.php
  • inc/function-admin.php
  • inc/modernsherbet.admin.css
  • inc/templates/modernsherbet-settings.php
  • single-audio.php
  • single-video.php
  • style.css
  • NEW FOLDER: plugin-update-checker
  • Updated File:
  • Updated File:

Version 1.1.1: July 19th, 2018

Introducing a brand new administration panel with settings for the header and footer; along with helpful resources! In addition when a post has no thumbnail (also known as Featured Image) there is a new style that’ll be added where it will remove the thumbnail area and just add the meta box along with the post! I have also made some improvements with the code and such! Please make sure to read the documentation as there has been some major updates to the stylesheet in which is reflected within the documentation!

  • NEW
    • Admin Panel
    • New Design When There is No Thumbnail/Featured Image
  • Improvements:
    • Pagination Improvements
    • Documentation Update
    • Change Log
    • Cleaner Stylesheet Code
    • Submenu Design

New/Updated Files:

*NEW: inc/function-admin.php

*NEW: inc/modernsherbet.admin.css

*NEW: inc/templates/modernsherbet-settings.php









Version 1.1: July 11th, 2018

Introducing: Modern Sherbet Child: A child theme for customization’s! Plus the following to the main theme:

  • Improvements:
    • WooCommerce’s
    • “Attachment Page”
    • Comments
      • Note added to documentation: Issue is within with in WP settings!
    • Sidebar
    • Pagination
  • Design Changes:
    • Font Colour for Parts of Theme
    • WooCommerce Design
    • Attachment Page
    • Author Page
    • Sidebar Colour
    • Table Colour
    • More Responsive Design
  • New Design Element:
    • Body Background
  • Comprehensive Documentation
  • Optimize Code
  • NEW!:
    • Shortcode: No Break
    • Child Theme: Included

And general improvements!

Updated Files:












Version 1.0: June 20th, 2018

Initial Release

*All files updated

Version 0.1b1 (Beta 1)

Version 0.1.b1 (Beta 1)

  • Name Change: from “Term Donald Louch” to “Modern Sherbet”
  • Full Framework Update
  • New Idea